Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wis. Supreme Court - One Too Many Chiefs?

The folly that is the liberal branch of the Wisconsin Supreme Court continues it's recklessness as Shirley Abrahamson insists she is the Chief Justice of the hallowed institution. She's back by her Tonto, Justice Bradley.

A little known fact is that when the justices enter the court, the newest member who is currently Justice Gableman holds the door for the other justices to enter the chamber and take their seats. The Chief Justice is the first to enter.

The next session will be interesting. Will we see Justices Abrahamson and Roggensack elbowing and pushing each other to see who can rush to the Chief Justice's chair? I'm picturing a Black Friday event like we see at Walmart at worst.

I'm also seeing the following situation.

You see the people have spoken. The law is set, the Constitution says that the Chief Justice is chosen by a vote of the current Justices.  A majority has spoken and they've chosen Patience Roggensack to lead the court. This isn't a debate, it's a done deal until a federal judge rules to the contrary and so far that hasn't happened.

It's time for Justice Abrahamson to take her rightful place on the court and it isn't as the Chief.

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