Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Fail for Justice Abrahamson

Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had one of the most unique editorials by Ernst-Ulrich Franzen. It's concerning the election of the Supreme Court Chief Justice in Wisconsin.

The first thing one notices is that he quasi acknowledges that Justice Patience Roggensack is the Chief Justice. He also states that as I have in the past, that Justice Abrahamson is embarrassing the Supreme Court and diminishing her status as a prudent jurist.

He strays from the truth when he questions how the court elected a new chief, using an email ballot.

Here's a question I would have of Mr. Franzen, "Do you think that a Chief Justice Abrahamson would have called a meeting to discuss the process of the election of a successor?"  And if so, why didn't she do it right after the election knowing that 3 weeks later the change in the Wisconsin Constitution would become law.

As I understand it, one of the duties of the Chief Justice is administrative and I would again toss out the idea that Chief Justice Abrahamson again showed her disdain for the citizens of Wisconsin  not acknowledging the change was coming and addressing the issue and  instead of filed a lawsuit to protect and extend her lack of leadership.

Now there's an opening for Chief Justice Roggensack to do what Mr. Franzen suggests and that is to call an open meeting that will set what the future process is for electing a Chief Justice every two years from here on out.

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