Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dems Eating Dems

A few weeks ago the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) held was can best be described as a low key convention. The biggest controversy was the passing of a floor resolution concerning the support of the prevailing wage. Now the question for legislators is will they bow to the will of the majority of the RPW?  The coming weeks will be interesting.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) on the other hand is roadshow to behold. The RPW chair is a volunteer position with Brad Courtney doing an OK job of keeping the troops in line.  The Chair of the DPW is a paid position and Mike Tate, the outgoing chair, was paid over $100,000. Not a bad gig if you look at the results he's produced.

This year 5 people and their second in command are in the running for the position which will be voted on at the yearly convention this upcoming weekend in Milwaukee.  But the Dems are eating each other up like a chubby boy at an all you can eat Chinese buffet.

It's plain old ugly and this last week before the convention will only add to the unseemly actions of the combatants. One group, Citizens for a Blue Wisconsin, wanted to do a Milwaukee area forum to allow those wanting to lead the Democrats to tell one of their largest bases what the plan is.  Well this didn't go over well. In fact not one of the 5 people running for Chair showed up and the accusations from bloggers on all five sides of the issue against one another are crazy.

This seems to be a case of another diss of the city and the black community in general by the Democrats. The sad part is that despite the initial anger there will be few in any consequences for the Democrats.  I have a feeling that it will be all kumbaya in the end. A hastily called substitute forum will be held this Thursday.

From a political viewpoint I'm enjoying the fracas. From a personal standpoint, this is troubling and disgusting. When your best position in a political fight is falsely attacking your opponents you have morally lost the battle.

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