Sunday, February 1, 2015

Union Saving Prevailing Wage Boom

Rep. Rob Hutton (R-Brookfield) will be introducing a bill to eliminate prevailing wage laws in Wisconsin. We would join 18 other states with no prevailing wage laws.

The biggest antagonists of the this bill will be the Unions. Why would unions care about jobs and prevailing wage?  It's easy, they are the group which benefits most from prevailing wage laws. In fact they are behind the whole concept of prevailing wage laws, with their backing of the Davis-Bacon Act.

Davis-Bacon was specifically designed to stop black and immigrant construction groups from the South coming North and underbidding white union shops during the Depression.
The Davis-Bacon Act, passed by Congress in 1931, re-quires private contractors to pay "prevailing wages" to employees on all federally funded construction projects over $2000. Most often, the "prevailing wage" corresponds directly to the union wage. This is especially true in urban areas, where union membership tends to be higher.
This inconvenient truth is hidden from the public they claim to care about. Union front group Wisconsin Jobs Now and their legislative front man former County Supervisor and current State Representative David Bowen are more than willing to sell out the majority in order to keep their own gravy train rolling.

It's time that the truth comes out and the lies of the unions and their front groups are confronted. Hopefully as Rep. Hutton's bill gets hearings, more of the truth will make the rounds, especially in Milwaukee where the sheep in union garb continue to lead people astray

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