Sunday, January 25, 2015

Between a Hard Rock and the Pots

So the Governor of Wisconsin announced that he cannot support  the building  of the  Kenosha casino - entertainment complex.

In the  state of Wisconsin this  was a lose/lose decision for Gov. Walker. No matter what he decided the political left was going to attack him. I've seen ardent anti gambling types go after him as someone who is not interested in job creation. These are the same ones who attack the Governor for the type of jobs created, low paying non family  supporting gigs.

Then there are those who wanted the casino and the accompanying jobs no matter what. Unfortunately for Walker many in this category are/where his supporters. These people are mad and from social media comments they are trending as unforgiving. I'm talking Pontius Pilot washing their hands of him angry.

Supporters who claim to have worked hard for the reelection of the Gov. are now saying they will work just as feverishly against his desire to become President. The wild card here is not knowing who they supported before the decision.

The recent announcement by an ultra conservative group in Iowa that they would be hard pressed to support Gov. Walker if he ageed to expand gambling in Wisconsin muddied the waters. What they did was made it look like Walker sold out residents and jobs in Wisconsin for Iowan support in his pursuit of the Republican Presidential nomination.

It was a smooth move by Bob Vander Plaats, the president and chief executive officer of The Family Leader. Whether it had anything to do in the decision making process the impression is hard to ignore.

The blame is rightly placed on the shoulders of former Governor Jim Doyle. His short sighted and campaign influenced negotiations with the Potawatomi has come back to bite Badger state residents in the backside.


John Thielmann said...

Did you miss this? (January 12, 2015)

yoSAMite said...

John I don't have a subscription to Right Wisconsin, so yes I missed it. Hope you're doing well my friend.