Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Racial Divide - Milwaukee County Style

In a weak attempt to make a statement the black County Supervisors in Milwaukee stood up during the special presentation part of todays meeting made a mini speech about justice or lack thereof,  took off their suitcoats and shirts to bear their black "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts.  To be honest about this only the young bucks, as Supervisor Mayo referred to them as, wore the shirts.  Mayo and Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr displayed the shirts.

Supervisor Khalif Rainey took this opportunity to complain that Gov. Walker has the Wisconsin National Guard on alert in case the protests against the presumed non charging of the police officer in the Dontre Hamilton.

A note to Rainey - the mob doesn't rule.  And if they choose to break the law there are consequences. That is justice.

So where was the racial divide?  From what was evident in viewing the board meeting not one white supervisor was asked to participate even though some were salivating at chance.  It's more than disingenuous for politicians to stand on their soapbox and complain about a racial divide and when given a chance to show solidarity among people turn their back on it.

UPDATE: it was brought to my attention that County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic also wore a t-shirt.  She did not make a speech to support the effort other than saying something to effect that she stands with them.  Thanks to Capper from Cognitive Dissidence for the heads up.

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