Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh No Trolley - Part 1

The Milwaukee Common Council's Public Works Committee was quite the watch tonight.  The issue at hand or seat as it may be was the proposed streetcar / trolley.

Listening to the Mayor's sales group one would have to believe in the land of Oz.  According to the graphics they presented there would be "no taxpayer impact".  Yet city comptroller Martin Matson testified at another hearing on Tuesday that the city would probably be on the hook for $1.8 million dollars a year to cover the costs of the current 2.1 mile route.

Ald. Joe Davis was very adamant in his questioning of the need and the placement of the trolley.  The other Alderman running for Mayor in 2016, Bob Donovan continued to express his desire to have a city wide binding referendum on the issue and talked about the shenanigans that the Mayor is investigating concerning the issuance of Tax Increment Funding.

Davis and Committee Chair Bob Bauman had a pretty interesting go around concerning the trolley.  Davis tried to express how the trolley will not help his constituents and Bauman responded with condescending and testy come backs.

The issue will more than likely be taken up at the next Common Council hearing on December 16th.

I'm against the trolley.  From a fiscal standpoint I see no positive.  To support the proposed $1.8 million deficit the city has proposed to increase parking fees, increase the hours one needs to pay for street parking downtown and take TIF money from the general fund for this small bit of trolley.  What will the costs and added taxes be with the desire to expand the trolley to other areas of the city.

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