Sunday, November 2, 2014

Reimer for Where?

Current Wisconsin Assemblyman Daniel Reimer is running for re-election, or so he says.

A quick trip to his website doesn't build a very solid case for sending him back to Madison and he's already used the first two year stint to get his Law Degree from UW Madsion so what will he do in the next two years, get a second degree

Under photo's from his website one would expect pictures of him and constituents.  Nope, instead his one picture is of him and Sen. Tammy Baldwin pointing at a refrigerator.

Now as a freshman legislator no one would expect a long a list of successfully passed bills he's sponsored.  But nothing - nada - zilch - zero?  No legislation he can speak of.  I wonder what he's telling people as he knocks on doors.  Here's my guess, "The Republicans blah, blah, blah".

During one of the final sessions of the assembly as the issue of photo ID was being debated, Reimer stood up on the floor, pulled out his UW ID, talked about how he had attended the Law School and would not be able to use the ID to vote. Before he could continue, he was reprimanded by the chair and told he knew he couldn't use props on the Assembly floor.  His reaction was to giggle like a little kid and tell the Assembly he didn't know the rules because he's been busy with school.

The people of the 7th Assembly District sent this young man who's website calls for "time of new leadership" to Madison to represent them, not to make law school his top priority.  Maybe he should have spent less time with the law books and maybe spent more time learning the rules and regulations of his $50,000 a year job.

Unless of course the rumors on the street are true that he's taking his law degree and assembly experience to Chicago market law firms.

Education seems to an issue that's intrigued Reimer.  He says this on his website "We have excellent schools that anchor our neighborhoods and community."  REALLY? We have struggling schools and changes need to be made. The status quo is not the answer and neither is his suggestion of "re-establishing collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin's teachers" as a way to improve the education for the kids. It would improve life for the teachers (his union base) but do nothing for the education of the kids.

I do agree with the young Reimer about one thing, it is time for new leadership and Republican challenger Scott Espeseth has been working hard to win votes. If I lived in the district, Espeseth would get my vote.

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capper said...

That's some mighty thin gruel. You're complaint is that the he bettered himself instead of taking kickbacks like the Republicans? That the Republicans didn't allow any of his bills through?

Ah, keep your corrupt, inept misogynist. I prefer a person that represents the people, not the dark money special interests.