Saturday, October 11, 2014

Burke vs Walker Debate #1

I haven't watched the first debate between Gov. Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke, but I did listen to it.  It's become a modus operandi of mine since hearing a President Barack Obama speech one evening coming home from work. Listening gives a much different analysis than watching.

I thought the questions were a bit mundane and led to a repeating of talking points for both candidates. It would have been nice for a follow up to be more specific. But I guess that as someone who follows politics more then most people I would naturally come to that conclusion. Hopefully the next debate on Friday will be a bit more indepth.

Over all I thought both candidates did well, no major game changers. Miss Burke's answers sounded read off a script while the Governor sounded more off the cuff, but sill rehearsed.

The biggest flub of the event was Burke's answer to the last question of the evening, an opportunity to say something nice about Gov. Walker.  With Walker going first (taking the full minute given him) he quickly bragged on Burke's philanthropy. Even given a minute, while Walker answered, to ponder her answer Burke still difficulty coming up with an answer and her pause before answering seemed endless.

So who won? Neither had a great advantage but I would give Gov. Walker the first round. Miss Burke seemed the rookie which she was and Gov. Walker was much more relaxed in his answers.

I always enjoy reading Twitter and Facebook after these events and the winner often - actually always - is determined by poster's political slant. Below is a great example.
Not wanting to argue the point I do wonder how does one win a debate, but not on issues? It's sometimes tough to debate a liberal.

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