Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rainey's Got a Ticket To Ride

The Milwaukee County Board voted to provide free rides for people to get a voter ID.  It raised a few questions.

First of all - how do they know people will be getting a free ID with the free rides? Will they be keeping track of who is taking advantage of this free ride.

I bet most of Wisconsin's residents would be surprised to know that paying for gas or a bus ticket to get to a polling station is a "poll tax" according to Rainey's post vote press release.

Supervisor Khalif Rainey, the new puppet for the unions said that the DMV would need to issue 6,000 voters a day to provide everyone in Wisconsin with an ID.

According to the info provided to Rainey, about 91,000 Milwaukee residents don't have proof of citizenship or residency to get an ID.

Note to Rainey, don't believe all the data you're feed by One Wisconsin Now. The state has been giving out free ID's since 2011 and the County has been providing free birth certificates for those who need them to get a free ID. At last count only 1,700 people took advantage of the free birth certificates, a far cry from 91,000 cited by the supervisor.

The last big push for the free ID included churches offering the free breakfast or lunch as an incentive to get the free ID's. The efforts though commendable were far from successful. It seems you can't make get an ID or register to vote unless they want to.

The next year on the County Board will be interesting as Rainey will continue to lay the groundwork for his 2016 aldermanic run in the 9th district. 

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