Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gwen Moore's Creepy Hug

This video with Rep. Gwen Moore from a Channel 58 news cast is creepy in way to many ways.

First of all it's election season and no one is safe between Rep Gwen Moore and a camera as this video shows.  Try to find her when congress is in session and it's a game of Where's Waldo.  Her voting record or lack thereof attests to that.

But what's more unsettling is that inappropriate touching is wrong no matter who does it and Gwen Moore passed that line. It's obvious that the much smaller protester is beyond uncomfortable with Moore's lack of knowing where ones personal space begins and ends. The unnamed lady even has to ask the invasive Moore to remove her arm more than once.

Moore posing for the news camera while the protestor is addressing the news person is also a bit repulsive. It sure seems the congresswoman has little shame or common sense.

Another weird thing I noticed is that while outside Miss Moore has her arm in a sling (she also had her arm in a sling when she was arrested a few weeks back), but when she was inside for the Mary Burke fundraiser she not only does not have the sling on but she is freely swinging the appendage and clapping along with her own squealing singing.

I have to agree with Gwen Moore when she states that she can do math - a simple look at her voting and campaign finance records back that statement up.

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