Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zamarripa's Positive Press Release About Embarrassing Vote Totals

What would cause Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa to brag about only 678 people from the 8th Assembly District to vote for her?  A 24% increase from the embarrassing vote total of 2012.

So lets take a look at the vote totals from the last three elections in which Ms. Zamarripa has been involved.

2010 - 1,465 total votes - 755 for Zamarripa
2012 - 900 total votes - 599 for Zamarripa
2014  1116 total votes - 678 for Zamarripa

It seems that one could draw a couple of conclusions from the above data.  JoCasta has done a poor job of building a voting base in her district, in fact she's decreased her Democratic base.

Since winning the right to redistrict the 8th & 9th Assembly Districts Ms. Zamarippa and Voces de la Frontera have succeeded in gerrymandering the districts to keep the voter turnouts low.

As a side note here's an inside look about the race from Robert Miranda (you'll have to scroll down a bit).  It seems JoCasta spent about $20 for every vote she received.  Even with Union support that's some serious cash.

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