Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's Right for the 4th

This coming Tuesday, August 12th, the State of Wisconsin (at least 15% of them) will vote in the partisan primaries.  There are not any state wide races that will drive people to the polls even with the Democratic Attorney General race.

Locally there are races that have the voters worked up.  I've mentioned the Racine debacle for the 21st Senate seat before.  Hopefully the winner will be able to patch the party faithful and win in November.  

The Dems have primaries in the 8th, 10th, 16th and 19th Assembly. It seems that the races in those districts is coming down to who's more "progressive" along with who's kissing the Unions backside, who's bowing down to County Executive Abele's wallet and who's independent of the previous two positions.

The big kahona on the left is the Sheriff's race. Part of the pitch to combat a hard left push to get rid of current Sheriff, David Clarke. Why the teachers union would want to get of Clarke by wasting money on his removal is beyond me, how will that help the children?

A suggestion by some conservatives including most of the talking heads is for Republicans to cross over and vote for Sheriff Clarke in the primary.  I say hold your horses.

The 4th Congressional District Republicans have their own primaries to worry about.  David King and Dan Sebring are vying to take on either Gary George or Gwen Moore in November.  Why would those of us who care about these mens effort turn our back on them.  I'm supporting David King because he's out in the north side of Milwaukee working to grow the Republican party by introducing them to the Frederick Douglas Republican movement.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post the 20th Assembly District has it's own three person primary to take on Christine Sinicki. Why would these people want to have their voice silenced and not vote in this primary.

In the 12th Assembly District Russell Goodwin is working to get 274 write in votes to be put on the November ballot.  I'll be writing his name in.

So what's the solution for conservatives/Republicans in Milwaukee County.

How about this
1) Those in the 4th Congressional District vote for either David King or Dan Sebring
2) Wauwatosa Republicans can cross over as they are in the 5th congressional district and have no primaries.  The exception being the 24th ward who can write in Russell Goodwin.
3) West Allis Republicans can write in Sheriff Clarke.
4) South and Southwest suburban Republicans can write in Sheriff Clarke unless they live in the 20th Assembly District.

This seems to be a win - win - win for everyone involved.

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