Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weber's Low Information Endorsement

For those of us who spend more time than most on politics, one of the biggest frustrations is the low information voter. Often the person who votes "the party" for no other reason then because.

Well on the radio this week I heard what I'd like to call a low information endorsement from a radio host.

I listen to Jay Weber in the morning as I'm getting ready for work and often enjoy the show. This week he aired a segment discussing the 20th Assembly Republican Primary.  He talked about the virtues of voting for Justin Morales, concentrating on his Hispanic heritage, the fact that he's a Cudahy alderman and that he is moderate in his conservatism..

He ended the mini segment with saying something like - "I don't know much about the other two running".

That's indicative of a low information voter. Either to busy to get informed or not caring enough to do so.  Mr. Weber is a pro and I was very disappointed in his low information endorsement.

I attended the Candidate Forum for the 20th Assembly Republican Candidates on Monday hosted by the Milwaukee South Branch of the RPMC and came away not as convinced as Jay that Mr. Morales is the best choice in the primary.

Molly McGartland stood out above both Mr. Morales and Mike Pierce in the hour long forum. She answered the questions with ideas to move forward and was not afraid to take stands on issues. Both Morales and Pearce tried to middle of the road answers and it didn't bode either of them well.

All three were courteous toward one another (take note Racine Republicans) and opposing views.  That was admirable and suggests that all three could represent the area well.

Now whoever wins the primary will have my support over the current representative, Christine Sinicki.  And Mr. Weber you have a powerful tool, use it wisely.

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