Sunday, August 24, 2014

Standing Strong on 250,000

Scott Walker released a new ad this weekend and in it he didn't back down from his promise of 250,000 jobs for Wisconsin.

Now will Wisconsin get that number of jobs?  No, but I still like the backbone of the Governor to stand on his convictions.  There is nothing wrong with setting a high goal and working toward it, even if you don't succeed in the way you thought you would.

When candidate Walker made the job statement most people felt the 250,000 would be easily attainable in the economic recovery we were hoping for.  No one - including the President or other economic geeks could have guessed that the recovery would take so long and be basically a jobless recovery.

After his re-election I hope the Governor has learned something and will speak about Wisconsin and all it's parts working together to grow the economy and jobs.

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