Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Hogwash from the 21st Sewer, Um Senate District

The race for the 21st Senate District in Wisconsin will go down as one of the most contentious Republican primaries in Wisconsin history.  As Jonathan Steitz and Van Wanggaard work hard to win the opportunity to run as the Republican in the November election, their campaign "helpers" continue to act like children and muck up the race.

And now for some reason, WTMJ talker Charlie Sykes has chimed in, not attacking either candidate to try to prove his independence, but to attack a volunteer for Steitz campaign, Mike Murphy.

When I saw the attack piece on the TMJ website the first thoughts were why and why now?

I got to wondering if this attack on Murphy by Sykes was payback from their prior social media squabble and if so why would he renew it just weeks before the election.  Was it meant to hurt Steitz in the homestretch, an ill timed opportunity to jab at Murphy, both of those or is there some other motive I'm not seeing.  Could it be a backhanded endorsement of Wanggaard? 

I would like to Charlie to answer the question of motive.  I work retail during the days so I don't listen to Sykes on the radio and I'm not a paying member of Right Wisconsin so I don't get any insight there so if he's explained that I apologize. 

Before I continue I will come clean and admit I've met Charlie Sykes once, shook his hand, introduced myself and that was it.  I'm a member of the Republican Party County and 4th CD leadership so I'm very familiar with Mike Murphy.

Now for a little defense of Mr. Murphy. I've seen facebook photos of Mike knocking on doors getting nomination signatures, at festivals and parades in support of various candidates from the Governor, Lt. Gov on down the chain.  If Charlie's supposition is right and Mikes backing hurts Jonathan Steitz, then his support should also damage these other candidates.  There is no proof of this other than the mud slinging from supporters of Steitz's opponent.

My personal interaction with Mike has been one of cooperation and friendship even though we don't agree on every political position. The key is that we've worked toward a common goal of electing Republicans without attacking one another personally. 

Mike works hard to shape the Republican party in his beliefs, as does every member.  He spearheaded the most successful fundraiser for the 4th Congressional District which will help our candidates and outreach activities this year.

As to Charlie's insinuation that the "fringe" will harm the GOP.  I totally disagree. If a political party wants to be a large tent organization, they need to openly encourage everyone to take part in party activities including writing resolutions and having a full voice in the caucus.

I found the Republican State Convention exciting. Those with opposing views freely debating and then accepting whatever the majority voted on.  That to me is democracy in action. 

To finish up, if I ever run for office again I'd be more then pleased have Mike Murphy in my corner.  I'd also feel the same way if Charlie Sykes would support me.  You see we don't have to be in clone agreement to work to change Milwaukee, Wisconsin and America.

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