Sunday, June 15, 2014

Democratic Diversity pt 2

The DPW, Democratic Party of Wisconsin, recently held their state convention up in the Wisconsin Dells.  It was joyous event by all liberal accounts.

Extremely honest though not really meaning to be, Mary Burke promed to be bi-partisan should she upset Gov. Scott Walker - or in other words Sen. Chris Larson and Rep. Peter Barca you'll remain in the minority party come next January.

Speaking of minority (heck of a segue) as I gazed upon the leadership on the stage in Baraboo I again noticed the lack of diversity for the Dems.

To be fair I used Mr. Google to see what other pictures I could find of the gathering to disprove my account.  Here's what I found.

It's scary when Mike Tate is the poster boy for diversity in your party.

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