Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ald. Wade's Marathon Rant

Chris Ponteri of Longrun Athletics, LLC. wants to bring a Marathon to Milwaukee next April and every April afterwards.  It's an interesting idea and should be a success if his presentation is any indication.

Alderman Willie Wade started off the questioning of Mr. Ponteri at the hearing of the Milwaukee Public Works Committee.  Wade turned this into a racial tirade of embarrassing proportions.

Wade's chorus - 43% of Milwaukee is black and he's tired of European Americans telling African Americans what is good for them.  His complaint is that no African Americans were on the planning committee for the Milwaukee Marathon and had zero input on the route.  The race (pun intended) would travel through downtown and the near south side and despite Wade's insistence the race (again pun intended) would pass through Ald. Coggs and Stampers districts. 

Word to Alderman Wade - this is a running event.

Wade would like the race to go through his 7th aldermanic district and when he rhetorically asked if the Ponteri talked to him while planning the race, Wade complained that he hadn't.  When told his office was contacted and Mr. Ponteri was told Wade wasn't interested in talking to him, Wade glossed over that and said he's now interested.

The alderman said "out of respect" Ponteri's organization should have met with the black aldermen, even though Ponteri did talk to the then Common Council Chairman Willie Hines and in later testimony Ponteri said he did talk to Ald Coggs.

Chris Ponteri was also attacked by Wade for living in Wind Lake and coming into Milwaukee to make decision for the African Americans, Wade told Ponteri it was the alderman's job to address high unemployement in the African American community. 

How is WADE doing on that?  He was first elected in 2003 and the question begs to be asked, what jobs has Wade brought in?

It seems that attacking someone who's interested in bringing an event into the City is not the best way to attract other outside entrepreneurs to make Milwaukee their home.

Wade had the gall to blame European Americans for "the position [Milwaukee] is in" because African Americans are left out of decision making process.
Willie Wade - you're an alderman, do your job and take some responsibility for your actions or lack of actions and results.

The committee mellowed with a Kumbaya moment towards the end as Wade, Joe Davis and others all said that they wanted this event to happen.

My alderman, Jim Bohl, summarized the problem with Milwaukee politics when he said that if Ponteri had to talk each of the 15 alderman and Mayor Barrett that he would have had 16 different routes and 16 different cooks wanting their piece of the pie.

For a true understanding of some of the challenges with Milwaukee jobs creation people need to watch Common Council and County Supervisor Committee Meetings.  It ain't Keeping Up With the Kardasian's but it highlights the dysfunction and problem with local politics.

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