Sunday, May 4, 2014

Milwaukee's Political Blue River in a Political Land of Red

A very interesting story in today's Journal Sentinel is the beginning of a series of 4 by Craig Gilbert about the political differences or divide in Southeastern Wisconsin.  It's something I noticed a bit ago when doing some research about the upcoming.

Now mine is not nearly as in depth or cool, but I think it shows an interesting reality.  To the right is a map of Milwaukee County and the districts which are represented by Republicans in Red and Democrats in Blue.

It seems to me that by any economic indicator used the blue area of the map is at a disadvantage.

The obvious thought is why would those who live in this area continue to vote blue when it obvious that the red area around them is fairing better.  Why would these people not want to vote in men and women and emulate their success rather than continue with representation which is clearly not performing up to their satisfaction.

The good news is that this fall five of the blue districts will have a choice to be represented by conservatives.

The 12th, 10th, 8th, 7th and 20th Assembly Districts have the opportunity to change their fortunes and those of Milwaukee.  There is still time for more conservatives to get on board and help turn the fate of the city around.

Going to the Assembly in the majority will give these future Representatives more power to serve Milwaukee instead of the reactionary position of the current Democrats.

I'm excited about the positive change and fortunes this election holds for the city I love.

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