Sunday, April 27, 2014

Who Needs Voter ID

The Wisconsin Voter ID law is being held up in the courts and the prevailing thought is that we are getting close a decision.  One of the holdups are the ancillary costs for getting an ID, referred to as a poll tax by those fighting against the Voter ID.

While speaking in favor of giving young Milwaukee County residents free copies of their birth certificates for the purpose of getting an ID so they can get a job, Supervisor David Bowen let it be known that 3,373 out of 5,000 free birth certificates originally budgeted in 2012 have gone unused. 

That means that only 1,627 people in Milwaukee County took advantage of getting a free birth certificate in order to get a Wisconsin picture ID. 

That is great news, but it illustrates how the left has overblown a manageable obstacle and also how poorly both the left and right misplayed an opportunity to get every Wisconsin resident a valid picture ID.


Anonymous said...

Last I heard Milwaukee County residents are indeed citizens of the state. Why is the cost not being covered by the state of Wisconsin?

Sam, you got a link to Bowen's remarks?

jack said...

Oh, disregard previous post. Looks like Republicans got their asses handed to them in court.

yoSAMite said...

Anon, the state provides a free ID, what they aren't responsible for are the items to get the free ID.

Try this link
and click on Resolution.