Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One Lawyer Two Cases - a Touch of Inconsistency

As I've mentioned before I like to watch the Licensing Committee of the Milwaukee Common Council.

Well today there was a very weird situation. 

In the 5th Aldermanic District Arlis R Jones of Rick's Inn wants to expand his business to include a DJ and other enterainment.  He was represented by Attorney Mike Maistelman. 

At the same table was Ald. Jim Bohl who was against this change in license. 

The weird part - Attorney Mike Maistelman is representing Ald. Bohl in his coercion case.

Does it surprise anyone that a temporary deal was struck between Ald. Bohl and Mr. Jones (a good thing)?

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James Wigderson said...

You know the great thing about this story? I like Mike Maistelman, and I love the Rick Inn. Reminds me that Mike and I haven't been out for pizza for lunch in a while.