Monday, April 7, 2014

Milwaukee's Black Conservative Coalition

It's the rock in the water and we're looking forward to ripple effect.  A few phone calls and emails and we start with 10.  Ten conservatives wanting to effect the lives of Milwaukee residents in a positive way.

No more being satisfied with #10 worst run city in America. No more being #8 in the 25 worst cities to be young.  No more accepting a  50% black unemployment rate in the City of Milwaukee.

No more hiding thinking you're the only conservative in a sea of progressive liberalism.

These men and women have a vision.  The Republican Party of Milwaukee County and the 4th Congressional District Republicans are thrilled to support the Coalition. Working together we will show Republicans and Conservatives around the country how getting back to the basics of the Republican Party and how outreach is done correctly. 

The first meeting was a month ago with a second one this week. 

Five organizations represented, 3 black conservatives running for office in Milwaukee (looking for more),  and a calendar of events are on the agenda for this new group. 

I'm excited to be a part of this group, I'm honored to be working with these brave and passionate men and women and together we are fired up for the upcoming elections.

Watch the ripple grow.

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