Monday, April 21, 2014

It's what I Do

It's not brain surgery it's retail sales.  That's what I and millions of others in the country do to make a living.

What makes this job so much fun and so fulfilling are smiles.  Smiles on the face of the young lady who just picked up that CD she's been looking for for what seems like forever.

The smile on the older gentleman who remembered the film from his youth and never thought he'd be able to see it again because he couldn't remember the exact title the only remembered one of the actors in the film

The sparkling eyes and infectious enthusiasm of the young tyke who has discovered new episodes of their favorite cartoon along with the grateful smile of the adults who now have something else to watch with the child.

What I do is not life and death, though I have helped pick music for someone's funeral and I'm sure some of the products I've sold have helped with conception.  What I and millions of others do is bring a simple joy to people's lives.

What makes this occupation worth it are the smiles and thank yous. Those are priceless.


Anonymous said...

Sam, a person can't pay the bills with smiles and thank yous. Does your employer pay you a livable wage, or are you one of the millions who supplement their income via government programs, such as SNAP?

For the record, if you are one of those millions, I don't have a problem with chipping in a few tax dollars to help you and others out.

yoSAMite said...

Anon - what I get paid is none of your business and you'd be surprised what can be done with smiles and thank yous.

Anonymous said...

I'm not asking you what you get paid. I'm asking if what you get paid enables you to live without assistance.

Why would you be afraid to answer the question honestly? I mean, you're as anonymous as I am. Right? It's not like you'd be outing yourself.

yoSAMite said...

The answer is yes and I'm not anonymous.