Thursday, April 3, 2014

Good Bye My Dear Friend

A very close friend of mine passed away today.  Rick Kalal took the final step in our time/space dimension and moved into eternity. 

I cried when I read his wife’s Lorraine facebook post.

During my single parent Bible study days a lady friend told me that I should this Pastor and believed we would get along great.  Well one night I stopped by her house and who should be there but Rick.  We got along great and a strong friendship ensued.  He also became my pastor when I joined Eastbrook Church on his invitation.

Some highlights were a very crazy bonding time in Dallas for a Christian Booksellers Association event with Bruce Brunner, going to a Friday evening Rocky Horror Picture Show screening (yes Rick was my pastor at the time), getting together with Rick, Stu and Ray for great talks and lunches, and spending hours just talking, listening and learning.

Rick was one of the smartest men I knew, he earned his Doctorate from Trinity Evangelical in Chicago.  He was my go to guy when I had theological questions, presenting both sides of issues and answering the hard questions I often had.

This was a man who loved the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, his wife and kids and his mom, dad and brother and was free with the God given wisdom and Love bestowed upon him and shared to the many thousands he ministered to.  He had a way of sharing that made you feel complete and wanting more of Jesus.  That’s what “good” Christians do; they point you toward the real Answer in life not themselves.

I had the chance to talk to Rick a few months back.  I’m thankful that I didn’t pass up that opportunity.  I remember telling Rick I loved him and thinking how blessed and lucky I was to have a friend like him.  My heart rejoiced after the conservation and now it’s sad.  It’s a selfish sad because Rick’s’ gain of standing before the Father is my loss.

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