Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Classic Case of Liberal / Progressive Nimby

At today's Licensing Committee of the Milwaukee Common Council we had three semi prominent progressive’s mentioned in an attempt to kill a local businessman's attempt to expand his business.

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, Ted Chisolm son of Milwaukee DA John Chisholm and Bridget Boyle were mentioned by Bay View Alderman Tony Zielinski in his attempt to stop a local car detailing business from selling used cars on his property.

These Bay View Residents obviously have a lot of influence over Ald Zielinski since he felt it important enough to believe that the mention of their names would impact the decision of fellow committee members.  That was not the case as the committee agreed to table action rather than vote against the small businessman as Ald Z recommended.

The gentleman has room for 8 cars and was willing to hold down the number of cars he would have at any one time to 4 in order to satisfy the concerns of neighbors.  It was also testified that he cleaned up a neighborhood eyesore and in his 7 years of business he has not had one complaint.  The cars he would sell would be higher end cars and some of his current clients are Milwaukee Bucks. 

I hope that this man gets the opportunity to fulfill his dream and those who clammer for more opportunity in Milwaukee act in accordance with their political speech - especially Supervisor Dimitrijevic who claims she wants to go to Madison to help create jobs.

This is another classic case of the ironic Nimby of the political left.

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