Friday, March 14, 2014

Sen. Harris' Narrow View of Equal Voting Access

State Senator Nikiya Harris sent out a press release concerning the passage of SB 324.  I can appreciate the Senator's concern for voting rights, but what I don't understand is her somewhat illogical and narrow arguments in her press release.

Argument #1, "Republicans are telling an elderly woman that she may not be able to vote early, even though she normally does to avoid the long lines on Election Day."
Well it seems to me that this elderly woman she speaks of doesn't work and can early vote two weeks prior to the election from 7am - 8pm on weekday.
Argument #2, "They are telling the mother of two that she needs to figure out child care quickly during the weekday if she would like to vote, because she will no longer have the ability to come in on the evening or weekends."
A few points - the voting dates are already set, so unless this person is a low information voter and doesn't know the dates election it seems she would have more then enough time to find babysitters.  If she can't, there is nothing stopping her from bringing the children along.  I work the polls and see quite a few families use this opportunity for a family outing.
Argument #3, " They are telling that low-wage worker, who cannot afford to take an hour off from his job, that his voice does not matter if he cannot make it into the clerk's office during weekday hours."
This person has the ability as do the first two people to ask for a mail in ballot.
Finally I've seen this meme floating around the internet, "However, in 2012, the city of Milwaukee had 35,200 in-person absentee voters and the Village of Big Bend had 114. Assuming 90 hours of in-person absentee voting, the Village of Big Bend would have to process a voter every 48 minutes. For Milwaukee, it would be every nine seconds."
The problem with this discussion is that it presumes that Milwaukee would only have 1 voting station set up.  As someone who's voted in person absentee in the past (because I work the polls) I happen to know that there are more then one voting stations up.  There is nothing stopping the City of Milwaukee from using as many voting stations as they want or need to get the job done.
Sen. Harris should fight for the citizens of the 6th Senate District and those who live in Wisconsin.  The SEIU (see picture above) is not her only constituency and it's time she consider this in her next press release.  Equal access is equal access for all, not just a select few.


capper said...

The picture was from the Labor Day event at Zeigler Park this last fall. What type of shirt did you expect her to wear?

As for the rest of your diatribe, it shows how far out of touch you really are with those outside of your very small circle.

My advice: Get out, meet some new people and try to walk in their shoes.

yoSAMite said...

Hi Capper,

Congrats on your new union gig, you'll be a good soldier.

Thanks for the advice and I'll do my best to meet some new people. Is "walk in their shoes" the new union mantra? I see Wisconsin Jobs Now is using that also.

Have a wonderful day.