Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Second Chance for County’s Family Care program

Tomorrow the Milwaukee County Board will take up County Executive Chris Abele's veto of the "living wage" ordinance.  It should be a spirited debate, one of which I'm sure Supervisor David Bowen will get the permission of the SEIU to participate in.

The board passed the ordinance at it's last meeting by a 12-6 vote, enough to over ride the Exec's veto.   The big question for tomorrow is if someany  supervisor from the majority will change their vote or to abstain in order to sustain the veto.

At risk in this poorly drafted ordinance is future of the County’s Family Care program.  According to County Comptroller Scott Manske, a result of the living wage ordinance could very well bankrupt program.

Let's hope that the supervisors pull back and make a prudent long term decision when voting on Abele's veto.

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