Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rep. Kessler Stands Wrongly Alone

There's an old kids song that says one of these things is not like the other in the state legislature that one thing seems to be representative Frederick P. Kessler.  

The Assemblyman who misspeaks for the 12 Assembly District was the only person in the legislature to vote against the state taking over Milwaukee County's mental health system .  The measure passed the State Senate 33-0 and the Assembly 89-1.  It begs the question of how out of touch is the senior representative when even County Executive Chris Abele and a majority of the malfunctioning County Board agreed and this. 
Supervisor Peggy Romo West chimed in with this wisdom, "Obviously, what we are doing is not working," she said. "None of us has expertise in mental health. So, for us to make decisions about how to run the hospital doesn't make much sense."
While Abele said, "We need the procurement of services to be as far away from politics as we can get it,"

Kessler being a statist, voted against the reform because,

Instead of having a the failing health system under the purview of medical professionals Rep. Kessler would rather keep the system in the hands of politicians.  A position that has led to the shaky ground and poor record the mental health is currently on. 

That mistake has been going on too long as has the service of the septuagenarian Representative from the 12th.

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capper said...

Actually, Kessler was the only one that got it right. These are not medical professionals. These are political appointees and the heads of the agencies that are going to profit from the money being allocated without any guarantee of an increase in services. If anything, history shows that when this type of thing happens, services decrease.

When your taxes go up from this or - God forbid - you or your family becomes victims of this greed and shortsightedness, you will not escape responsibility for your support of this abuse.