Thursday, February 20, 2014

Barca & Maryland Living Wage Law

While watching the Wisconsin Assembly debate Assembly Bill 750 about local living wage laws (on WisEYE) Peter Barca said he has a better law based on the Maryland Living Wage Law.

So a quick google check finds the following: "The Living Wage Law currently requires the payment of the Living Wage of either $13.19 per hour, effective September 27, 2013 or $9.91 per hour effective September 27, 2013 depending upon the jurisdiction where the services are performed. The State Living Wage does not apply to county and municipal contracts"

I'd like to see the proposed bill that Barca mentioned.  It would be interesting to see which employees and in which areas of the state Rep. Barca feels are worth more then others.  Also of interest is that the Maryland Living wage law does not apply to contracts other than state contracts.

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