Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A finger on the pulse of black Milwaukee

Eugene Kane used his space in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to pen an article called Resolutions and wishes for 'Black Milwaukee' to promote his vision of what will improve the city.

He seems to lament to loss of black talk radio though giving well deserved press to "The Forum" hosted by Sherwin Hughes on WNOV.  I'd like to introduce Mr. Kane to Cream City Radio and the Earl Hall Show.  The upstart operation is bringing together conservative voices geared to the black community in particular with an excellent message for all people.

In the article he mentions black political leaders like Ald. Milele Coggs, state Sen. Lena Taylor and state Rep. Mandela Barnes as "a strong crop of politicians with their fingers on the pulse of important issues for their constituencies in 2014."

It seems to me that if there is one black politician who's working with her constituents it's Milele Coggs.  She's out front and willing to take a stance on issues that she perceives as important, like her or not.

I find it particularly interesting that Mr. Kane would mention both Barnes & Taylor as black leaders with a finger on the pulse of issues. Rumor has it that Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson is grooming Rep. Barnes for a primary challenge to Sen. Taylor, though that may change should former Rep. Tamara Grigsby jump in the race. 

That along with the election of Barnes as chair of the legislature's Black & Latino Caucus, replacing Taylor, has widened the chasm in Milwaukee Democratic politics.  Taylor's criticism of Barnes wanting to add white legislators who represent primarily minority majority districts and Taylor's lack of consistent attendance to the Caucus meetings show me that Taylor is showing a different finger to the white power structure in the Milwaukee Democratic Party.

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