Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sen. Harris in a classic "Give me the money (and vote)" play

Sen. Nikiya Harris was on Uprfront with Mike Gousha (though Mike was off) talking about increasing the minimum wage to $7.60 - maybe.

As seems so typical in any Sen. Harris interview she wasn't sure what it was she stood for.  It could be the $7.60 in the bill she was suppose to be pushing, it could be the $10.10 the President wants, or it could be whatever amount is agreed to when she sits down at some mystical table which she mentioned a couple of times.

This magical table is anchored by none other than Wisconsin Jobs Now, then union backed purveyor of the $15 an hour fast food minimum wage.  I wonder if WJN will have to pay people to show up at the table like they do at their fake protests.

When asked to respond to a statement from the Wisconsin Restaurant Association about how her bill (in whatever form) will negatively affect it's members she does so by quoting a poll which says people support raising the minimum wage and bypasses the concern of the businesses who this law will effect.

I'd suggest the amiable Sen. take a walk in her district to see how this law will impact them before sitting at the table with local unions and their front groups. 


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