Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm a vulture - and I like it.

I've been informed by Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen that I'm a vulture because I disagree with his job losing tax increasing proposition to raise the minimum wage for any business doing work with the County to $12.45.

And I have to admit that I can't argue with his reasons for calling me that - because he doesn't give one.  As I've come to learn, liberals don't need reasons and are justified to call names just because, even elected officials.

According to County Comptroller Scott Manske this proposal is not good news for Milwaukee County. The Milwaukee County Comptroller is independently elected to office and is answerable only to the voters.  He favors neither the County Exec or any County Supervisor, he is independent and his concern is about the money and if he is correct the residents of Milwaukee County will be giving up more of theirs.

Supervisor Bowen, I will gladly take the vulture tag from you if it means that I need to raise the issues to protect the thousands of county residents who don't earn your living wage and who you and the unions expect to pay for this increase.

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