Sunday, November 10, 2013

Senator Clarke

Daniel Bice has another article on Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and how he's ruffled the feathers of Democrats in Madison.

We'll I've got a speculation that would drive the Democrats right out of their minds.

It was reported by Blogging Blue that Milwaukee State Senator Lena Taylor has been giving thought to leaving her position before her term expires because of fiscal concerns, she needs more money.  This would set up a very interesting Democratic primary.

It's common knowledge that Senate minority leader (in terms of numbers not racial makeup) Chris Larson has been grooming Rep. Mandela Barnes to take on Sen. Taylor in 2016.  Former Rep. Tamara Grigsby had a very public feud with Taylor which also led to speculation that Grigsby would look to primary the current Senator.  Grigby's recent social media statements about wanting to run for office again have fueled that line of thought.  And finally Sen. Taylor and County Executive Chris Abele have swapped support staff to set up their own candidate.  A three way primary is in the making if neither person backs out.

Well I have another potential candidate in mind.  Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

Clarke who has opened the door to running for another office lives in the 4th Senate District, is a Democrat and would have very strong cross over support from conservatives in a special election primary.

As one of 33 State Senators in Wisconsin, Sheriff Clarke would carry much more sway then as one of 99 State Representatives.

Just the thought would increase the sales of Pepto in Democratic strongholds.

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capper said...

It would be worth the comedic value, but Clarke wouldn't make it the same reason Deanna Alexander is setting her sights elsewhere. They would get slaughtered.