Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sen. Taylor Chasing Crashes & Hanging Around

There's been a rumor about Sen. Lena Taylor dumping her gig in Madison and spending more time doing the lawyer thing.

Well it looks like she survived this session of the legislature and will stick around for the $50,000 she earns there.  She happened to call "The Forum" with Sherwin Hughes as he asked her straight out about her intentions.

She told him she loves the Senator gig and is also pushing forcefully forward with her new position at PKSD as a personal injury ambulance chaser.  How intense is she in this pursuit - she tossed a mini plug in for her services at the end of her interview with the affable Mr. Hughes which included her email.

I guess that shoots down my dream confrontation of Sheriff Clarke against other Dems in the city.  But I wouldn't be surprised to see Tamara Grigsby and/or Rep. Mandela Barnes force a primary for her seat if she chooses to seek re-election or changes her mind in the next couple of years.

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