Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Congrats to Jessie Rodriguez & Bob Kulp & Ken Skowronski

It's with great pleasure that I send out a hardy congrats to Jessie Rodriguez, Bob Kulp and Ken Skowronski for their victories in the special elections yesterday.  Kulp and Rodriguez were voted into the Assembly and Skowronski won the Republican primary in an effort to replace Jeff Stone.

Of particular interest for Milwaukee was the Rodriguez race, for a couple of different reasons.  First of all Mrs. Rodriguez will be the first Latina Republican in the Assembly and she's a strong proponent of school choice.

As a outreach coordinator for Hispanics for School Choice her stance and views on the importance of education were in the open.  She didn't back down from them and it didn't seem to hurt her in this election, unless you consider the union effort to defeat her a hindrance.  Even the outside help of American Federation of Children didn't get in the way of victory, which it seems to have in elections on the north side of the city.  It was nice to see that in a interview following her win she emphasized that she has an interest in the education of all students in Wisconsin.

Probably even more interesting than her stance on education is her heritage.  We have already seen the parsing of words in the ever growing battle of who's first of what.

As I've read in some accounts, Mrs. Rodriguez is the first Latina Immigrant in the Wisconsin Legislature.  The first Latina in the legislature is JoCasta Zamarripa who seems to remind people of that in virtually every opportunity she gets to speak in committee or in the general assembly.  I guess Ms. Zamarripa will have to come up with a new line since with a second Latina on board that line will have little to no importance.

Which brings us to another interesting political game that I'm sure will be played.  The local, state and national use and possible misuse of Jessie Rodriguez.  As a first for the party, she will in all probability become a showcase.  This comes with a special word of warning from this humble blogger - be wise and don't sell your political soul for the sake of political promises unseen.  Take your time, learn the job well and then as opportunity presents itself choose wisely in your path.

With that I'd like to be one the first to take advantage of your win and new position.  Be on the lookout for fellow Hispanic conservatives who will now approach you about getting involved in politics and encourage a strong Republican challenge to Reps. Zamarripa and Zepnick in the 8th and 9th Assembly districts.

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