Friday, October 18, 2013

Should We Change the Way the Chief Justice is Chosen.

I have made my views on the Wisconsin Supreme Court well known. As people talked about the dysfunction of the Court, I have expressed and continue to believe that Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is at the apex of those troubles.

Now comes word that Sen. Tom Tiffany will be introducing a bill that will introduce a constitutional change to the way the Chief Justice of the court will be selected.  I believe this a good option and should be seriously looked at.

Justice Abrahamson has been in her position since 1996 and that is way too long.  As a WisEye viewer I enjoy watching the behind the scenes Open Administrative Conference.  Abrahamson's attitude during these meetings is sometimes quite disturbing and listening to all the Justices weigh in on procedure is eye opening.

Changing the tenure of leadership and how that leader would be chosen would make that person more accountable and amenable.

And for those who are keeping track, the next Justice up for re-election is Ann Walsh Bradley in the spring of 2015 and Justice Patrick Crooks seat is up in 2016.

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