Monday, October 21, 2013

R or D - you tell me

John Hermes, President of the Village of Greendale, announced his candidacy for the Wisconsin State Assembly special election, 82nd district - so the Press Release tells us.

What the Press Release doesn't tell us is what party Mr. Hermes has affiliated himself with in this Partisan election.

A quick jump to the GAB website tells us that he is running as a Democrat.

It's looking to be a chock full primary, which will be held on Nov 19th with the general election on Dec. 17th, as we have six candidates line up to make the run so far.

On the Dem side is Mr. Hermes, Matthew Robert Kopf, Kathleen Vincent with Republicans Shari Hanneman, Stephanie Mares and Ken Skowronski joining the scrum. 


capper said...

Kopf and Vincent did file with the GAB, but they have both chosen not to run.

yoSAMite said...

Thanks for the update Capper.