Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Put Up Your Dukes

I find it interesting how some pundants, bloggers and social media types are predicting the doom of the Republican party because of fighting within the party. 

Being involved in the local Republican Party I have friends on all sides of the arguments and guess what - neither one is backing down from their beliefs and neither one is talking about bolting the party. 

This type of "fight" will make the party stronger, not weaker.  The Republican Party unlike the Democratic Party (who is and has been nothing more than a coalition of special interests put together to win elections) has stood on it's core principles since it's beginning.  Sure there were times when the footing was a bit rocky but I'm sensing an urge to heartily return to the basics.

The problem of course is the course we take to get there.  As the party expands it minority representation and outreach and as the party stands strong on limited government and more personal responsibility we will bend, we'll sway in the wind, we'll take some wrong steps - but we will not break.

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