Friday, October 18, 2013

No More Money Mr. Coggs

It's being reported today by Dan Bice that Milwaukee City Treasurer Spencer Coggs requested a raise of $11,000 for himself and his deputy, Jim Klajbor. After that was turned down by Mayor Barrett, Coggs took it upon himself lobby the common council for the bump up in salary.

I have to admit that I questioned Coggs' qualifications to be city treasurer when he ran for office against Tim Carpenter.  In all fairness I had the same questions about Carpenter.  I had always thought that the Treasurer would have a background in fiduciary matters rather than being a total political office.  I've also complained about Coggs performing both the Treasurer and his State Senate Office concurrently.  It good to see that he did donate his Senate pay to non profits as promised.

I've also been impressed with some of the moves Coggs has made in the office.  The biggest and probably the least important is that my tax check is made out to the "City of Milwaukee" rather than a person, which was the case before Coggs took over.  His work on helping slow tax foreclosure's is also commendable. I would be interested to see some data to see how it is working out.

He also changed the hours of the Treasurer's office claiming it would save money and it would be nice to find out if that is the case.  Expanding the locations that people can make payments is also a excellent decision as there are people without checking accounts and it isn't always convenient to go downtown to make the payment.

With that being said, I don't know if his efforts warrant a 10% raise. Treasurer Coggs received a substantial raise with the new post and to lobby for a raise after not even completing a full term seems a bit premature.

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