Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Milwaukee County Board sits one out.

There was a stark difference in the budget messages last week by Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele and it wasn't in their speeches.

When Mayor Barrett was announced to the Common Council each of the members greeted him with a polite standing ovation, which seems to be the norm is most instances.  For instance when the President addresses congress and the Governor does his State of the State address.

The Mayor also received a standing O when he finished the speech and left the chamber.

In contrast was the Milwaukee County Board, who by all indications greeted the County Exec with a polite round of seated applause, except County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic who can be seen on the video choosing to "sit on her hands" and not clap at all.

We can only assume that Ms. Dimitrijevic is green with envy thinking that if the County Board didn't blow up under her watch that she would someday be giving that speech.  But no matter what her relationship or lack thereof with Chris Abele is you would hope that she would lead the board in a time honored tradition of greeting Executives with the distinction of a standing ovation rather than her arrogance of choosing to not even show the least bit of respect.

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