Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gwen Moore for ..... Gov?

When I get the opportunity I like to listen to The Forum with Sherwin "Straw Man" Hughes on WNOV 890am.  The show recently expanded from 9-12am except Mondays when former State Representative Polly Williams does her 11-12 show. Most conservatives spend their time doing inreach listening to WISN and WTMJ and that's fine because there is often some wonderful insight shared by those radio show hosts.  I prefer to spend my time with those who I don't agree with politically.

The Forum is an entertaining show in the same way that "The Shepherd Express" is a news paper.

On today's show while discussing Mary Burke's sluggish campaign for Governor he again floated the idea of Rep. Gwen Moore coming home to Wisconsin to represent the Democrats in the 2014 Governor race.  My opinion on that - yes please do.  To even sweeten the package Hughes wants her running mate to be non other than Mahlon Mitchell, yes, the same Mahlon Mitchell who lost to Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in the ill conceived recall election of 2012.

When Gwen Moore was a guest of Sherwin's it was hilarious to her say, my good friend Sherman, throughout the interview.  Now Hughes was kind enough to not correct her, but most people do know the name of their good friends or at least would have the common courtesy to know who they are talking to.  This is especially true of politicians when talking to media people, but Queen Moore is above all that.

Hughes and I agree on some things like school choice and overcriminalization in the state, but I disagree with his racialist world view and that of many of his guests and callers. Either way spending some time with The Forum is worth your entertainment dollar.

ps - If WNOV really wanted an exciting show they would give an hour to a black conservative. 


Anonymous said...

On the one hand I don't see Gwen Moore giving up her seat in Congress to run for Governor...but then again her disdain for Walker combined with her egotistical nature might just make for the perfect storm and perfect embarrassment for Gwen Moore.

Wayne Bartelt said...

Couldn't get your Faith blog up, Sam. I have trouble with my blog page comments and can't solve it.

Mary Burke? The Dems got to be kidding. But that's all they could get. She's running on Jobs and her bikes are made in Asia.
Wayne Bartelt

Penny Sikora said...

How is Gwen Moore egotistical?