Saturday, October 19, 2013

Graeme Zielinski & Mercy

Graeme Zielinski has admitted to what everyone knew what was the truth - he was busted for OWI for the 3rd time.  Because of some skillful legal dealing he dealt down to a 2nd First time offense.  His penalty included, a fine of $924 and suspension of his license.

What struck me in Zielinski's mea culpa at Blogging Blue was his view of mercy, in that he feels has to "earn" it.  

Zielinski has already received mercy in that he has gotten a penalty that is far less then most people would think he deserves.  What I think he really is asking for is grace, wanting something you don't deserve.

It seems that Graeme wants forgiveness with the accompanying grace that is often involved.  From my Bible reading, that forgiveness and grace may occur but until he gives the same as he is asking for, that will never happen.

As a side note - if this was his third bust for marijuana, he'd be on his way to becoming a felon.  Something to think about. 

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