Friday, October 11, 2013

Barnes Moving On Up

Rep. Mandela Barnes has been elected as the Caucus Chair of the Legislative Black & Latino Caucus while Sen. Nikita Harris was elected Secretary. We'd like to congratulate both of them.

The Chris Larson influence over the City of Milwaukee Democrats is quite surprising and his effectiveness in running roughshod over north side dems is amazing.  Barnes was hand picked by the unions and the Larson/Kessler liberal wing of the Democratic Party to run against former Rep. Jason Fields.

Fields lost out to Barnes because he was pro school choice and because he actually worked with the majority Republicans to get issues of importance passed in the last legislature.  So how are the new Progressives (really liberals) in the legislature doing?  They are doing nada, nothing, zip. 

In fact during the budgeting process the Assembly Dems did not offer one amendment indicating a defeated bunch who campaigned to fight for their constituents and in reality kowtowed to the likes of Rep. Peter Barca and Sen. Larson and sat in the corner during the process like good little neutered pols should.

Barnes was on the radio this morning talking about his efforts and failures on working with the Republicans in the legislature.  It seems that what was a mortal sin in the eyes of the Milwaukee liberal democrats concerning Jason Fields is now suddenly a goal to be accomplished.

So it makes one wonder if we are seeing Rep. Barnes being a good soldier with his eyes set on a different office in 2016?

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