Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Fred of Two Interviews

On today's broadcast of Here and Now host Frederica Freyberg couldn't have shown her bias any more if she tried.

Her interview with Rep. Sean Duffy was a bit contentious with liberal talking points as her questions.  Rep. Duffy was impressive as she continued to question him like he was on MSNBC or CNN.

The contrast between her questioning of Duffy and that of her next guest, Rep. Ron Kind, was startling.  Instead of question like why did you vote to close government, Kind got Kumbaya puff questions like what are you doing to bring peace and love to Congress.

Even her questioning of Todd Berry of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance was slanted. She tried to get Berry to downplay the recently passed $100 million Wisconsin tax cut questioning the $13 credit to taxpayers and it's relevance.  His answer was priceless in that he told her to some that amount of money didn't mean much but others it could.  

In what is usually a decently middle of the road show this week eliminated any question of the host's bias and political slant.

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