Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Santa Obamacare Claus

What do you do when you start seeing your political career being flushed down the toilet?  If you're Marina Dimitrijevic you play Santa with county money.

After originally wanting to spend $1,100,000 of county money Ms. Dimitrijevic and County Exec Abele compromised to spend $729,000 on outreach for the Affordable Care Act.  Able originally wanted to spend $224,000.  Seems someone other than county residents got the better of this compromise.

It's been rumored that the projected county surplus of $25 million is being dangled around like a carrot on a stick to show special interest groups how much work County Supervisors do for residents and the County Board Chair is promising to spread it around like it's her own campaign fund.

What I'm wondering is why Milwaukee County needs to be involved in paying people to sign up for Obamacare?  Is that a wise use of county money when there is a plethora of other organizations including the federal government doing the exact same thing.  Couldn't that money be used to shore up some county services like the parks, transportation or other vital services. 

And if you're thinking that Chairwoman Dimitrijevic is the only one taking advantage of the $25 mill surplus, just wait until the board votes on the county budget.

Two supervisors, David Bowen and Russell Stamper II, wanted their constituents to get in on this early Christmas gifting but unfortunately they were voted down by the budget committee so they voted to not give any of the money away.  It sort of shows their allegiance to the cause of outreach for the ACA.

The next two years will be very exciting for Milwaukee area politics.  From voting on the makeup of the County Board in spring to the jostling of seats in the Assembly and Senate and then the Common Council and County Board seats.  Again spreading a little money love around should help when election time comes - and it's coming sooner then later for the county board.

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