Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rep. LaTonya Johnson's Hour of Dead Air

State Rep. LaTonya Johnson was  a guest on "The Forum" hosted by Sherwin Hughes Wednesday morning.  It was a great waste of an hour for WNOV.

She is what is problematic of the legislators that the city of Milwaukee sends to Madison.  Well meaning but legislatively empty.  Not once during the 60 minutes did she talk about any legislation she is proposing or working on, even with the prodding and leading of Hughes.  It reminded me of a Forrest Gump interview.

Her answer to the employment problem in Milwaukee is unions. It seems that Gov. Scott Walker has damaged the unions enough so they can't hire people. Rep. Johnson doesn't seem to realize that must be employed before they can join a union, not the other way around.  It's embarrassing when your only answer is the stock talking points of liberalism.

There is no question that Rep. Johnson is looking to serve the 17th Assembly district as she told a story of knocking on doors since her scheduled town hall was meagerly attended and that is good. But what would be better is real ideas to solve the problems rather than just reiterate the problems and blame the Republicans.

Ms. Johnson shared a story of how believes that the Republicans commit voter fraud with the verbose Hughes quickly agreeing with yet didn't propose any solution to her perceived law breaking, just an acceptance of it.

I recently talked to someone who would like to primary Johnson but one of those weird cultural things come into play.  In the black community a male running against a female for politically office is frowned upon as it's seen as an attack on her and disrespectful.

This is unfortunate for the people of the 17th Assembly district.

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