Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Voter Fraud here, just keep moving on

Here's the headline at
Voting problems prompt retraining of poll workers
Hundreds in Hamilton Co. will be trained again, but 163 won't be asked back

I'm a poll worker.  It isn't very difficult, but can be a bit intensive at times.  The rules are simple and sometimes you have to disappoint people to follow the rules.  

I've found that most people who are inconvenienced will go the extra mile to make sure their vote counts.  In my pre-poll worker life, I met one gentlemen who'd been to the polling place three times in order to get the information correct so his vote would count.  He was glad his voice was heard via his vote despite the extra trips to the poll location.

There are things that can be done to make the process smoother, but unfortunately we have a group of political special interests who for "some reason" won't accept the changes.  

The elimination of same day registration will cut down on lines and confusion on who can vote and where.  The Voter ID requirement will also eliminate some of the disorder.  But again liberal special interest groups refuse to back these simple solutions.

As a side note, the Republican Party of Milwaukee County is looking for people interested in being a paid poll worker in 2104.  You get $130 a day ($65 half day) for you service.  If interested email me sammhagedorn{at}gmail.

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