Sunday, July 21, 2013

student Money for Nothing?

Sometimes posts are uncomfortable to write - this is one of those for me.

Today on Upfront with Mike Gousha one of the segments was about the student loan fiasco going on the US.  The two guests on the segment were Scot Ross of the uber liberal One Wisconsin Now and a student named Santera Michels.

Ross toadied the liberal line so nothing new was verbalized there.  What did catch my attention tough was the answers Ms. Michels gave.  When asked about how much she owed she responded it was $43,000 and would have owed more if her parents didn't help her and they would have helped her more but they are in unions and it's not easy for them.

So what I gathered is that being in a union stops one from helping others financially.

Also in the interview Santera said she wanted to be a community organizer and it was very stressful thinking about her debt and it's very inconvenient for her to have to work in a coffee shop to earn extra money instead of going to grad school to learn her trade.

Though she didn't ask for any advice, mine to her is welcome to the real world young lady and good luck in your future endeavors.

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