Monday, June 24, 2013

There's a mutiny happening on the Milwaukee School Board

It seems that the Fred Kessler/Chris Larson progressive arm of the Democratic party is using finger puppet School Board Director Larry Miller to mold the School Board into its white is right dream.

Larry Miller has introduced Resolution 1314R-001 which would neuter Dr. Michael Bonds in his position as President of the Milwaukee School Board and give extraordinary power to Vice President Megan Holman. The Resolution would give Ms. Holman right of first refusal on all contracts, have a co-equal roll in naming committee's, calling executive sessions, and planning the boards agenda's.  That's a lot of power for a VP in any organization.

Is it just a coincidence that Ms. Holman represents the Bay View area and Larry Miller and Sen. Larson share east side constituents.  I think not, there's more to this situation then meets the eye.

Who's Larry Miller?  Check out this video of a protest at Messmer High School.  Miller's at the end of the video.

Miller also has a blog called - Larry Miller's Blog: Educate All Children --
of course according to Miller that doesn't include voucher students.

As Dr. Bonds said in his testimony at the committee hearing, it was only two months ago that the Board voted him as President.  If they didn't like his leadership, they could have changed it then.  In this link you can hear Dr. Bonds' testimony at the 32:00 minute mark.

Unfortunately the Committee on Legislation, Rules and Policy voted to move the resolution to the full board on a 3-1 vote.  Mark Sain voted against with Larry Miller, Annie Woodward and Tatiana Joseph in favor.  The full board meets Thursday, June 27, at 6:30 P.M. at the Central Services Building, 5225 West Vliet Street, and is open to the public.

Dr. Bonds and Director Sain (my Director) are on the right side of this issue and I would ask readers to call your School Board Director and encourage them to not support the Resolution.  Remind them that elections are in 2015 for most of the Directors and as much as I dislike recalls, this mutiny could actually lead to one which I'd stand behind.

I'd like to thanks Sherwin Hughes of "The Forum" on WNOV, 890am for the heads up.  We'll be keeping tabs on this for the next month.

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