Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kind Words

Democratic Congressman Ron Kind gave an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and like it was some surprise attacked Gov. Scott Walker and his goal of gaining 250,000 jobs during the Governors first term.

It seems that Rep. Kind is laying the groundwork for his own run as Gov. or is paving the way for someone else to lose in 2014.  One of the negatives for Kind is that should he choose to run he has to give up his congressional seat.  With Walker's 52% approval rating that is one heck of gamble for the flip flopping congressman.

A potential negative for Rep. Kind is his support of Obamacare and as more and more people are shying away from their excitement for what's been misconstrued as "free healthcare" to a more costly healthcare option, this will potentially be an anchor around his higher office ambitions.

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